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The truth voiced by children

Raportul copiilor despre respectarea Convenției privind drepturile copilului în Republica Moldova
Raportul copiilor despre respectarea Convenției privind drepturile copilului în Republica Moldova. Chișinău 2009


"The truth voiced by children" (2010) is a report on the respect of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in Moldova, conducted by 25 children - members of the Working Group for Child Rights Monitoring:

This report presents the findings, observations and personal experiences of children about the respect and violations of the following child rights:

  • - Right to education
  • - Right to protection from violence, abuse and neglect
  • - Right to participation
  • - Right to protection against labour exploitation
  • - Right to leisure and recreation

The report includes the results of the first study run by children. The participants collected their peers' views on how child rights are respected in Moldova. They also researched children's level of knowledge about their own rights. The working group developed the questionnaire, applied it, contributed to data analysis and formulated the findings and recommendations.

The group consisted of 25 children, girls and boys, between 12 and 17 years, representing 14 regions of the country: Balti, Briceni, Calarasi, Causeni, Chisinau, Cimislia, Drochia, Falesti, Floresti, Hincesti, Rezina, Singerei, Telenesti and Ungheni. Children were selected in a national competition organized by the CRIC, in 2008. Several children joined the group in July 2009, as a result of another competition, announced by CRIC.

Working process
The 25 children have been part of the Group during 2008-2010. Data for the report and research were collected in the period July 2008 – November 2009. Children met during school holidays in Chisinau, when the workshops were organized. First, they were trained in the field of child rights. At the next workshops they selected one right and developed monitoring indicators. Back home, they collected information on how that specific right is respected in their schools and communities.

Child rights monitoring indicators formulated by children are now content of the Child Rights Monitoring Guide.

In addition to monitoring activities, the children wrote articles, participated in radio and TV shows, organized activities to inform their colleagues about what are child rights and how children can defend their rights. They also held speeches and contributed with topics and materials to publishing the Group's informational newsletter – Child Rights Official Monitor in Moldova.

In the process of training and monitoring, children were guided by a team of CRIC facilitators: Iosif Moldovanu, Cezar Gavriliuc, Daniela Platon and Veaceslav Luca. The topics related to communication and promotion, have been guided by URMA TA's team Aurelia and Igor Guzun, assisted by Olga Cimbir.

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