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Project 2: "Local professionals learn for violence free schools and communities “

"Local professionals learn for violence free schools and communities “ (July 2010 – June 2011)

Short description
The project aims at enhancing the prevention of child abuse in rural areas of Moldova by developing the capacities of teachers and social workers to identify the cases of abuse, to refer / report the cases and organize positive parenting activities.

Even if there is an explicit prohibition of corporal punishment, parents are not aware of this and professionals do not know how to react. The Committee on the Rights of the Child recommended that the state enforce the legislative prohibition on corporal punishment in all settings, including through awareness-raising campaigns aimed at families, the school system and other educational settings; and to ensure that every child is protected from all forms of physical, sexual and psychological violence. Children, members of the monitoring group, report that violence is encountered in schools, on the street, in families, almost everywhere.

Implementation period
- July 2010 – June 2013

Project objectives

  • Every year, 50 professionals working with children from 16 communities will be trained on: national and international legislation related to child abuse prevention, how to identify cases of violence, referral mechanism of cases of abuse, violence prevention, positive parenting and positive discipline.
  • Every year, teachers from 16 communities will participate in the informative sessions on child abuse prevention organized by their colleagues trained at national level and will receive informational and didactical materials as support.
  • Annually, children and parents from 16 communities (at least 3200) will receive information about child abuse and its prevention, as well as support from the professionals involved in the training.

Target group / Beneficiaries

  • Professionals working with children - teachers and social workers - from 6 regions (districts) of the country: Calarasi, Cimislia, Anenii Noi, Telenesti, Hancesti, Straseni.
  • Children, parents and caregivers from the same districts.

Key activities

  • Two 3-day training courses for professionals working with children delivered at the beginning of school year.
  • Follow-up meetings organized in the framework of in-service training at the District departments for education.
  • Informative sessions organized for the teaching staff in every school involved in the project. The informative sessions are delivered by the teachers trained within the project.
  • Activities on child abuse prevention organized with children within educational hours.
  • Informative materials for children developed and distributed within all schools involved in the project.
  • Meetings with parents on positive parenting organized by teachers trained within the project.

Donors and their contribution
- Kids Frist Fund – 45.000 USD


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