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Project 1: "National approach for identification children left behind as a consequence of migration”

"National approach for identification children left behind as a consequence of migration” (September 2010 – December 2012)

Short description
Every third Moldovan child is separated from one or both parents because of migration for periods up to 7 years. Without parents’ support children encounter many problems related to their development and become vulnerable to various emotional and social risks. Parents, caregivers and professionals working with children have little capacities to prepare children for the independent life and to support them during the separation.

The goal of the project is to facilitate the formation of a national-wide response to the phenomenon of children left behind as a consequence of migration. The project‘s idea is to develop a mechanism for identifying the needs and problems confronted by children left behind and their families, in order to provide the needed interventions to improve their situation.

CRIC’s contributes to the project especially by raising public awareness and that of the professionals about the situation of children left behind. Journalists will be trained and supported in the development of articles about migration; social workers’ and teachers’ capacities to respond to the needs of individual children will be strengthened.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family, the State University of Moldova and Caritas Czech Republic.

Implementation period: September 2010 – December 2012

CRIC is responsible for the following projects objectives

  • Local stakeholders, including parents and children (i) are informed about problems and needs of children left behind as a consequence of migration, (ii) and have access to specific tools to support the families affected by migration.
  • The media cover the issue of children left behind, and journalists are acquainted with its pitfalls.

Expected results of the project

  • Handbook for professionals working with abandoned children and brochures for parents have been updated and translated into Russian.
  • At least 50 000 brochures for parents is being distributed to parents through local schools.
  • At least 5 000 handbooks for work with abandoned children for professionals is being distributed through local schools.
  • At least 1 500 directors of schools from all Moldovan districts are informed – at informational seminars – about the impacts of migration and about the ways of support for families affected by migration.
  • At least 25 journalists have been trained in the issues of migration and abandoned children.
  • 18 newspaper articles, television or radio programs have been published concerning the issue of abandoned children and families affected by the migration phenomenon.
  • A nationwide month-long media campaign organized to prepare the public for a massive qualitative and quantitative research and informing about the issue of abandoned children, which affects at least 150 000 parents.

CRIC’s activities:

  • Preparation and translation of a handbook for professionals working with children and of brochures for children, parents and caregivers (Romanian and Russian).
  • Organization of half-day long information seminars about the migration and children left behind issues for school directors.
  • Distribution of brochures for children, parents and caregivers, as well as the handbooks through professionals working with children left behind.
  • Organization of trainings for journalists and announcement of winners of a competition for the best article/contribution in the media about the topic of children left behind.
  • Creation and publication of newspaper articles and broadcast of radio and television programs dealing with children left behind issues.
  • Organization of a nationwide campaign in media preparing the whole population for a massive quantitative research and informing about the issue of children left behind.

Donors and their contribution
Czech Development Agency – 99.750 Euro


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